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BRC wire mesh welding machine

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BRC wire mesh welding machine, Anping County HengTai Wire Mesh Machinery Factory

The machine is welded together by extra heavy steel and section steel to make the machine more stable. The machine adopts synchronous control technology, control of welding and welding time are controlled by the digital programming system, the input panel for touch screen or keys, operating more intelligent, and has one pressed, split welding characteristics, welding power is driven by electric, the step motor feeding hopper, brake motor to drive the car for wire feeding, the stepper motor to drive the car to the net. The warp and the weft were cut off by the straightening machine, vertical wire put by manual, the cross wire is fall from hopper.

Wire diameter: 2.5-6mm/4-8mm
hole size: 50*50-300×300(mm)
welding width: 1200mm(Min)
welding speed: 60-90times/min
voltage: 380v 50Hz
power: 125KVA*2
dimension: 6000×3200×1800
weight: 2800kg

(We can according your request to produce the machine)

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